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Super Bowl LI Champions Fan Ring Zoom

Super Bowl LI Champions Fan Ring

The Super Bowl LI Fan Ring features the Patriots logo in red and blue enamel set atop a diamond-cut corundum stone with 2016 WORLD CHAMPIONS adorning the edges. The left side features the Super Bowl LI logo and final score, the Roman numerals of all five Patriot Super Bowl championships and an area to personalize the ring with a name. The right side includes Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s famous quote, Unequivocally The Sweetest, with a bright bold red 5X.  Manufactured and customized by Jostens.

Ordering Information

  • Please enter your name (11 character max & ALL CAPS) into the "Name" box.
  • Enter your ring size (6-15) into the "number" box.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for Jostens to manufacture and deliver your custom Super Bowl ring.
  • Contact us for Free inside engraving!

Ordering Key

  • Stone Selection: CZ=Cubic Zirconia / DIA=Diamonds
  • Metal Selection: LUST=Lustrium / STER=Sterling Silver / 10KW = 10K White Gold

Size Chart
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